About Melem

For people in harsh climates from the Rockies to the tropics, Melem means relief from dry, itchy, chapped, tough skin and lips.

Our Manufacturer

Melem is produced by Neva d.o.o., a company headquarted near Zagreb, Croatia.  Neva was founded in 1918 as a pharmaceutical laboratory called Rave. In 1930, Rave began manufacturing cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. In 1947, Rave merged with the Croatian affiliate of Beirsdorf AG and became NEVA.

Neva is a contract manufacturer for many well known brand names sold around the world, such as L'Oreal, Odol, Helena Winterstein, Sara Lee, Woltz, and others.

Neva's address is: Obrtnicka 37, Rakitje 10 437 Bestovje, Croatia.

Please see www.melem.com for more information on our partner.

Over the years there have been a number of copycats calling themselves Melem, but Melem USA only imports the original called Zagrebacka Melem ('Zagreb Melem') made by Neva.  It is produced under the strictest guidelines of the EU. 

We maintain a  formal contract with Neva to import Melem to the US and to sell in the US, Canada, and Caribbean.  Melem USA distributes Melem in North America and we also handle all EU e-commerce conducted in English.

About Melem USA LLC

Melem USA is an accredited business member of the Northern Colorado and Wyoming Better Business Bureau.

Melem USA imports, distributes, and sells on the Internet as well as through select retailers and merchants. We handle only one brand: Melem (Skin and Lip Balms).

We are primarily an e-commerce retailer based in the US.  We are subject to compliance with US Federal Trade Commission and US Food and Drug Administration regulations regarding advertising, labeling, fair trade practices, and cosmetic safety.

Other countries may not have the same requirements or have their e-commerce policies regulated and enforced as with the US or the EU. We adhere to some of the strictest compliance rules of any country in the world.

Our labeling and trade practices are a little different than the European Union (Melem is manufactured in Croatia, a member of the EU) which accounts for subtle, yet special requirements for our labels to be in compliance with US regulations.

The brand name and logo are internationally copyrighted. 

All packages other than Amazon orders will be delivered with a return address of our Winter Park office.

PO Box 146, Winter Park, CO 80482

Amazon handles its own shipping of Melem from their warehouses.


Melem is good for 6 years from the date of manufacture, but if the container is opened, it is good for 12 months.

The US Food and Drug Administration does not require expiration dates on cosmetics, but we do offer our own guidelines here and support Amazon's policies too.

Amazon Expiration

All topical and consumable products (including nutritional supplements), whether for human or animal consumption, are considered by Amazon to be subject to expiration, even if an expiration date is not indicated on the packaging. 

Inventory in Amazon's Health and Beauty category with a Period After Opening (PAO) symbol (example below) is marked to expire 900 days after the date that it is received at the fulfillment center. We have never had any issues with excess or stale inventory that violated Amazon's expiration policies.

Other Information

All prices on this web site include shipping and handling.

This is the only site on which you can order for large bulk deliveries or place orders for delivery outside the US.

We sell Melem in economy packs to spread the cost of handling and shipping.