Product Information

 Our Ingredients

Ingredients in the sticks:

Petrolatum, liquid paraffin, paraffin, microcrystaline wax, carnuba wax, modified coconut oil, lanolin, shea butter, castor seed oil, polyglyceryl - 2 diplohydroxystearate, beeswax, glyceryl stearate, stearate acid, palmitic acid, fragrance.

Ingredients in the tins:

Petrolatum, liquid paraffin, glyceryl staerate, lanolin, beeswax, staeric acid, castor oil, alpha-isomethyl ionone, fragrance.

Our Product

Melem in the tins is a firm cream; pleasant and easy to use and very effective. Just skim its surface with your finger tips and then apply it to your skin just as lightly.

The stick form is similar in consistency to other kinds of stick balms on the market, but it has a creamy, moisturizing feel to it and is not greasy or waxy. Apply it lightly. 

Melem is a multi-tasking skin and lip balm: it is extremely effective whenever you need to relieve itching, chaffing, and flaking and to soften skin, nails and cuticle.

Melem is an over the counter product and does not require a prescription. Melem does not contain any steroids and is safe for kids under two years old. 

Prescription medications on the market often have black warning labels and are not recommended for children under two years old. 

Please note:  Melem does not contain SPF.

What Melem Looks Like

Melem comes in two sizes of tins and a stick form. The large size tin contains 1.2 fluid ounces (35 ml.) and the small (mini) size is .34 fluid ounces (10 ml.). The stick form is .16 ounces (4.5 g).  All three can be ordered from us. Photos of our products include both European mililitres and grams and US fluid ounces -- since the products are sold in both the US and Europe.  ALL products marketed and sold from the US are marketed and sold on the basis of fluid ounces: 1.2, .34, and .16  ozs for large tins, small tins and sticks respectively.


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Our integrity

Since Melem does not contain medicinal additives, government regulations do not allow us to claim we can cure or treat. Be aware of products that claim cures. We do provide relief, soften, and soothe really well.

Melem does not contain steroids, antibiotics, or sun screen. It is NOT heptazine, melon, melomine, an amino acid substitute, any other scary exotic chemical or melamine.  It is as described above, mostly natural and not very complex.

Melem is very good for men, women and children. We are a skin softener and a dynamite moisturizer and we will never claim that we can rid wrinkles and blemishes.

Instead of contracting, filling in the cracks, or stretching the skin, we soften it. In the long run, we believe this is much kinder for your skin. Melem increases elasticity by softening. Since it is a skin softener, it works really well on tough skin, on heels and hands, and calluses. The lanolin in it is wonderful on nails and cuticles, too. It is one of the few such products on the market with lanolin.

Melem does not have a heavy fruity or perfumy smell. Many of our customers are men, as well as women.  If you use it as directed, it is not greasy or waxy either.

More Detailed Expiration Information

The US Food and Drug Administration is the government body which sets and enforces standards for food, drugs and cosmetics sold in the USA.  The FDA regulates cosmetics packaging and required information and defines what is a cosmetic. Melem is a cosmetic, and not a drug. The FDA does not require expiration dates on cosmetics. Please see below link for full FDA policy

However, the shelf life of Melem is 6 years as certified by the manufacturer Neva d.o.o.

Amazon Expiration

Amazon has its own guidelines and policies.  All of our products have the Period After Opening (PAO) symbol (See below). 12 M means twelve months after opening, for example. Usually the PAO months are 12 for Melem sticks and 24 months for both sizes of tins.


Inventory in Amazon's Health and Beauty category with a PAO symbol is marked to expire 900 days (nearly 30 months) after the date that it is received at the Amazon fulfillment center.  We have not had any issues with our inventory expiring at Amazon.


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