What Our Customers Say About Us

A Great Story:  We are headquarted in Fraser Valley, Colorado. The area near us was hit in the fall of 2020 by the worst wildfires in Colorado's history.  Hundreds of firefighters were housed not far from us at the YMCA of the Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch.  Melem was on the shelves in their gift shop. The word spread among the firefighters that this stuff worked in the worst conditions imagineable. Learning of this, we donated large quanities of Melem to first responders, firefighters, and the food banks serving those who were evacuated by the disaster.

What Amazon Customers Say:

We have a 5 star rating over our lifetime on Amazon. We are a Prime merchant. You can see all these reviews on Amazon.  Just search for "Melem" in the search bar.

"Great product! Beats anything sold in stores. Definitely worth the money. Non waxy feeling. Keeps lips very conditioned!" 

"Ever since I discovered Melem, I have searched for it locally. With no luck, I checked with Amazon. I have been buying Melem this way and am very pleased. I often give away a tube and find that each person then tells me how it is the best lip balm.  So many have then started buying Melem on their own. A serendipitous discovery that continues!" 

"Fantastic Lip Balm. We first found this stuff in Winter Park, Colorado and loved it. ... Also works great on babies chapped cheeks. 5 ouf of 5 stars."

"I am always looking for the ultimate lip balm......I think I found it!! This product goes on smoothly and stays that way. Ya know how some lip products make your lips feel more chapped? Melem does not do that at all."

"I bought the Large Tin. Don't know what's in it but it is amazing! First winter in years without cracked fingers. Thank you."

"This item is fantastic natural product. You can use it on your skin for burns, scratches or cold burns. Instant pain relief and safe even for children."

"This stuff is the best. I gave one to my wife and one to my son so they don't have to steal mine anymore! 10X better than chapstick, carmex, blistex, etc. It's not cheap so don't lose it, but it's worth every penny."

"I first bought Melem when traveling in Dubrovnik needing something for lip protection in the drier climate than steamy, humid North Carolina. I was so pleased with Melem. I can't find Melem locally so I tried Amazon and am more than satisfied with my order. Very fine product and service was quick. I highly recommend Melem."

"I was skiing in Winter Park 2 years ago and realized I needed some lip balm before loading the chair at the base with my friends. I ran to the closest store in a rush and found Melem at the counter. I was a little taken back by the price, but I was at a ski resort and needed something fast, so ponied up for this unknown lip balm. The clerk at the counter said it was good. It was. I shared it with one of my ski buddies who also gave it a great Review. After getting home, my wife also tried it and sang its praises. This is truly good stuff. I think it's better than my old standbye aquaphor, and as a bonus it smells really nice. This stuff is money. After searching, it became apparent that we weren't going to find any more of this stuff outside of Winter Park, so my wife found it here on Amazon and ordered a 6 pack which has lasted over a year.  One caution. I just returned from a ski trip carrying my melem in my jacket pocket as usual. This trip was at very high altitude, and was extremely sunny 4 of the six days we were there. My lips got completely fried/blistered. I didn't not think about the SPF with this product, stupidly. I quickly realized it has none (nor does aquaphor). Obviously not an indictment of Melem, just my own stupidity. This is a fantastic product, but if you need sun protection, use another product during exposure and apply Melem afterwards."

"I love this lip balm. Unlike most lip balms which soothe only temporarily and require constant reapplication, Melem Lip Balm actually heals your lips and protects against further damage. It is a must for the winter and any outdoor activity (skiing, sledding, snow shoveling...), but I use it year round to keep my lips healthy and moisturized. It was alarming to order a pack of 6 at first, but I had already used the product before and knew it was worth the money. Instead of storing them while I use one at a time, I gave them to my family and friends. They absolutely rave about Melem Lip Balm now as well. For guys: it doesn't leave your lips shiny and it doesn't smell fruity or floral. I cannot say enough about Melem Lip Balm."

"I discovered this product while visiting my sister in Winter Park, CO. My friends and I had horribly chapped and cracking lips from the dryness and altitude of the mountains. All the locals suggested Melem!! I figured why not try it and I was glad I did, cured my dry lips and prevented it the rest of the trip. I now order it through Amazon because its hard to find back home. Very great product and a stick last me months!! Side note- I also used the tin version on my recent tattoo I got. It helped so much with the healing process and stopped the itching."

"I stumbled across this lip balm in CO while snowtubing with my family. All of our lips were pretty chapped by the end of the day, and after using this our lips felt amazing. This chap stick makes my lips so soft, has NO waxy feeling and very little odor. My son had severely chapped lips including the skin around his mouth, and after using this for 2 days, his lips were completely healed. I would highly recommend this product, and it is definitely worth having to buy 6 at a time! Worth the Price."

"I too stumbled across this in Winter Park CO anf highly reccomend...although expensive per unit I use far less product to heal my lips because somehow, this heals my lips 3-5 times faster than Burts Bees or any other brand that I have tried."

"This is the absolute best product I've found for healing and preventing chapped skin (not just for lips). I've used it at many altitudes and many fluctuations of humidity and it is always perfect."

"Recommended by a friend - Love this Product! Keeps lips very moist, and you do not have to re-apply every 10 minutes! No real taste which is perfect for me. Bought several for family members."

"We first found this stuff in Winter Park, Colorado and loved it. Couldn't buy it anywhere near where we live & we were very happy to find it available on Amazon. Also works great on babies chapped cheeks."

"LOVE this lip balm. I bought my first tube in Winter Park, Colorado and had to order more from Amazon! I keep it in my purse, desk, by my bed, etc. It is extremely good stuff!!"

"I got one of the little 10ml size melee tubs when I was in Breckenridge, CO and only used it for chapped lips. Now I live in Anchorage, AK, and use this stuff EVERY DAY. It has replaced all my moisturizers and facial oils, and I use it very often. I'm so glad I saw the larger tubs-it's gonna be my next gift at a baby shower for stretch marks and a nipple cream (it is safe to do this with)! I tried to find it on the net by the site on the tub, and this little goody is from a pharmaceutical company in Croatia, and apparently on the shelves for the last 20 years with great success. I've also used it camping on bug bites, sunburn, acne, you name it. It's also got lanolin in it-so excellent."

"Similar to others, I picked it up as an impulse buy from a Doctor in Winter Park, CO. Unbelievable how well it works on dry skin. I have suffered from psoriasis since a teenager. With a persistent giant patch of flaky chapped skin on my knee and a variety of other smaller areas that come and go. I started using just a small dab and the small areas cleared up immediately. After 4 months that giant patch on my knee that had been there for years was completely gone. I still get break outs with stress, etc., but this stuff quickly clears it up with out the steroids that prescription creams are full of. Highly recommended."

"I use this product ALL the time, I use it for lips and my cuticles and both look and feel great!!!"

What Merchants Say:

Melem is sold at pharmacies in Grand Cayman in the Carribbean and it is offered to guests in the Beho Beho Safari Lodge in Tanzania (5 stars on 2017 Tripadvisor). The owner writes in an email:

"I am just off to Africa. So very grateful that I still have Melem which completely takes away any itch that I might have after being bitten by mosquitos and Tetse Fly if applied immediatlely after feeling the bite. I think you should mention this in your promo."