Orders & Shipping Information

All prices quoted here in our store include shipping and handling.

All shipping is by US Post Office, First Class Mail.

For delivery to points inside the US, we ship within three days with arrival usually within the week.  You should allow ten days to two weeks for delivery outside the US, including orders for Canada.

Tracking numbers are not available to locate your package if they are shipped to an address outside the US.

For orders placed on this website, the customer is responsible for paying duty and customs clearance, though most countries do not charge import duties on cosmetics. Some, such as the Cayman Islands, do.

For bulk orders such as non-standard quantities or by the case, please go to www.melemwholesale.com.

If we do not ship to your country, or if you want special arrangements or product quantities you can email us directly at feliciamuftic@gmail.com.

Amazon Shipping

All Amazon orders are shipped from Amazon warehouses.  Amazon does occasionally make shipping errors and if they do, they are quick to make it right.  If they do not make it right, and you request a refund, we will nonetheless send you at no charge a repeat of the shipment in question as a thank you for being a patient customer.  This happens rarely, but it does happen, and our customers are extremely important to us even when we are not at fault.

We maintain 5-star rating with Amazon. Our stick balm received a flag marker as an Amazon's Choice product in December 2016 and the large size had it in 2017. The flags are still flying.  In 2018, Amazon awarded all our products as Amazon Choice, rotating the flag between them. 

Where You Can Buy Melem at Stores

Melem is available at select retailers, ski resorts, gift shops and convenience stores throughout Colorado.  We are also available at pharmacies that are served by Cardinal Health Systems, our distributor.  Currently we are in Koger-owned King Soopers and City Markets in certain areas as well as Medicine Shoppe pharmacies, which are a franchise of Cardinal Health.

Melem USA has received special recognition by Cardinal or our outstanding supply chain management and customer service. We are proud of the high standards we have set for our business and happy to see we are recognized for it.

Melem does not require a prescription, but Melem does not normally display on store shelves, Instead, our products can be found on the shelves of the pharmacy departments of major supermarket chains or independents that are served by Cardinal.  If you would like to order Melem through a pharmacist, please provide the pharmacist with the following information. 

Pharmacists should go to www.cardinalhealth.com, and look for the following item numbers on the Cardinal Health system:

4561757 MELEM LIP BALM STICK 0.16 oz.

To date, Cardinal only supplies the Lip Balm Stick.

While Kroger owned supermarkets and independent pharmacies are stocked from the Cardinal Denver District Warehouse, they are listed in the Cardinal System throughout the US.

Other Locations

Melem is offered to guests in the Beho Beho Safari Lodge in Tanzania, a 5-star TripAdvisor resort.

The owner writes in an email: “I am just off to Africa so grateful that I still have Melem which completely takes away any itch that I might have after being bitten by mosquitos and Tetse Fly if applied immediately after feeling the bite. “

We are also available on Grand Cayman in select stores.